Tto got top grades again

geplaatst op: 16-11-2011
On 15 November last a committee of three, chaired by a professor of English from Groningen University, visited the school to check the quality of our bilingual department. They were commissioned by the European Platform to assess if the school was eligible for the full tto-certificate, after having gained the junior status in November 2008.

The committee interviewed the management of the school, students and parents. The teachers of English and those who teach their subject in English were interviewed as well. Besides, all our bilingual classes were observed by our guests from the European Platform. On a scale of 1 to 4, where the maximum score is 4, the committee rated our bilingual department with three 3’s and three 4’s.

Of course, we are very proud to be assessed so positively. For us this proves that we have reached what we had been aiming for: to provide a six year bilingual programme with a focus on academic English and European and International Orientation. In June 2011 and 2012 all our tto-students got their regular ‘vwo’ diploma and passed their IB English at the highest level. In five years we will be assessed again, which will give us the time to improve certain aspects of our schooling, for example developing digital portfolios and optimizing teachers’ didactic skills special to bilingual education.

At the end of the day the committee also told the management that both students and parents were very satisfied with the way De Nassau has organized its bilingual department. Furthermore, they explained to the school that they were impressed with the enthusiasm amongst the teachers and students of the bilingual department.

We have always been very positive ourselves and now it has been assessed objectively that bilingual education at De Nassau is an excellent choice.

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