Exchange Norway

geplaatst op: 23-11-2008
The Dutch students of V4 and V5 of the bilingual department excelled themselves during the exchange programme with the IB students of the Tyholmen school in Arendal (Norway) from 11-22 November 2008, Almost every day the students had to go to school to attend IB (= International Baccalaureate) lessons. Some students who were living close to school came on foot but others, who were staying on nearby islands, came by bus or even by speedboat pushed by a 200 horsepower Hamaha engine.
Apart from attending lessons, the students also took part in some excursions organised by the Norwegians, the climax being the climbing on an icy moutain path of a 490-mtr high mountain from which the students had a spectacular view on the surrounding area.
The Norwegian students and teachers, for whom it was the first exchange with students from abroad, were on their turn really impressed by the way Kaey, Davey, Christianne, Thris, Martijn, Sander and Falco gave a presentation of the Dutch culture.
The Netherlands have had a profound bond with the south coast of Norway. Not only was Amsterdam built on and with Norwegian oakwood poles but particularly nowadays quite a lot of Dutch families are moving to the Norwegian 'Cote d'Azur' to start up a new living. What to think about a farm with 10,000 square metres for € 35,000? More and more Dutch people settle in this extensive country with its beautiful scenery.
The Dutch students have had a wonderful time in Norway. Beside the traditional museum visits etcetera, they have enjoyed the cooperative attitude of their Norwegian fellowstudents, the excellent level of English, working on de subject: 'Sustainable Development' and.........of course the beauty of the country.
Only Santa Claus must have been upset when he heard that a couple of his reindeer had disappeared in the hungry stomachs of the Dutch students.

Norway, we love you!

V4-V5 students and their teachers Wim Achterberg, Marc Feringa and Bart Pijpers

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