Too much of a good thing

geplaatst op: 13-02-2015
Just another day in tto, while students worked hard in their English classes to better their writing, listening, reading and speaking skills, two of our tto students were living it firsthand.
On February 2nd Simone van den Oever (2tto) and Roos van Deijck (3tto) took part in the Junior Speaking Contest, a national contest open to all 2nd and 3rd year students taking part in tto education throughout the country. After a small internal competition within the school, Simone and Roos were chosen as the representatives for De Nassau.

Every year the students are expected to give a speech of 3 minutes based on the topic assigned by the European Platform. The topic this year was ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’. The students are then left to devise their own speech around this topic and come up with their own original and inventive speeches.

Simone chose to base her speech around Education, is it too much of a good thing? While comparing the Dutch education system to that of the Chinese one, she brought up very good reasons as to why we as a country are very pleased with our education system and in the whole happier people because of it. Tiger moms in China versus nurturing Dutch parents in Holland. Which is better? She had her own conclusion, but of course that was up to the listeners to decide.

Roos chose to write about English influences in the Dutch language. It was her statistics about how the Dutch language has changed that made me (Mrs Mitchell), wonder if maybe my native English language is in fact changing the Dutch language too much? Thankfully Roos, being a tto student herself was on my side and she didn’t mind if the Dutch casually threw in an English word or phrase here and there to get their point across. However, I can imagine that Dutch teachers might have their own opinions about this use of ‘Dunglish’.

It was yet another exciting moment for our tto students. Seeing them up on stage using their English not only in an efficient way but also in an effective one made us, the audience sit back in wonderment at what our tto students can do if given a stage and a microphone. Well done to both of these wonderful students!

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